Return & Refund Policy


maxodo provides a straightforward warranty that is processed in a hassle-free way.

This limited warranty provided by maxodo in no way affects a potential statutory warranty provided by law.

How to Claim Your Warranty Easily

Make sure your product is within the warranty period.

Make sure you have a proof of purchase, model number, and any relevant photos orvideos in your message to speed up the process. Before confirming the solution with our customer service, please save the product and do not dispose of it.

Contact our customer support team via

Once our customer support team has received your request, please follow the customer support team's instructions to file a warranty claim or return the product. In order to quickly solve your problem, if you need to return the product within 30 days of delivery, you can submit a return application through the link below.

Warranty Agreements

30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason

Undamaged products may be returned for a refund for any reason within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

Returns must include the original packaging, all accessories, user manual, quick start guide, etc.

For non-quality related warranty claims, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs and maxodo refunds the cost of the product itself.

If the product does not meet the above requirements, we cannot process your return request. We cannot process a refund request for non-quality issues for items that have expired this 30-day window. Please contact our customer service email at for assistance. Our customer support team aims to respond within a specified timeframe, usually within 2-3 business days.

For quality-related issues for items that have expired this 30-day window, please see below.

Warranty Coverage

Product Warranty Period:

Product: Hair Dryer
Warranty Period: 12 months

Warranty Coverage for maxodo Products

Kindly note that the maxodo warranty does not apply to used products orpurchases made from unauthorized sellers. If your product fails to perform properly during the warranty period under normal usage, you can reach out to maxodo customer support for warranty services.

Exclusions from Warranty

This warranty does not cover: Normal wear and tear, including parts that naturally wear out over time.
Products purchased from unauthorized dealers.
Items without proof of purchase, like order numbers or order screenshots.
Products that are second-hand or sold by a reseller.
Products with altered, removed, or unreadable model numbers or production dates.
Lost or stolen items.
Products beyond their warranty period.
Non-quality related issues reported after 30 days from purchase (maxodo customer support will assess quality concerns).
Complimentary or giveaway items.
Damage or defects from unauthorized repair services or repairs not performed by maxodo.
Damage or defects due to accidents, misuse, neglect, or lack of proper care as outlined in the user manual (e.g., damage from animals, natural disasters, incorrect washing methods).
Costs exceeding the product's price.
Damage from using peripherals, additional equipment, or accessories not recommended in the product manual.
Warranty for a replaced item will continue under the original item's warranty period.
We do not offer service for items past their original warranty period.

Warranty Benefits

During the warranty period and subject to this warranty policy, maxodo will provide one of the following solutions to your problem, including:

Refunds, either in full or part, depending on the specific circumstances.
Repairing any flaws in materials or craftsmanship.
Replacement with an item of similar value.

Important Consideration

maxodo reserves the right to determine if the product is defective.

Please note, a refund request cannot be processed if the product is returned without prior confirmation of its returnability from the maxodo customer support team.

For items bought through authorized sellers other than maxodo's official site, like Amazon, maxodo's customer support will only offer repair services. For returns and refunds, please contact the platform from which the purchase was made.