• Max 1G

    Fast Drying Brushless Hair Dryer

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    Inside the Breeze: Explore Mechanics
    Switch it on, activating a symphony of precision engineering - from the whisper-quiet motor to the perfectly calibrated heating elements.


    High Speed Brushless Motor
    Unleash exceptional performance with the Max 1G, featuring a 150,000 RPM brushless motor for ultra-fast drying, redefining efficiency and speed in hair styling.
    temperature setting
    Versatile Four-Temperature Settings
    Blend varied wind speeds for versatile hair styling, achieving your desired look effortlessly.
    Speed setting Press to switch
    maxodo offers three-speed versatility for gentle, efficient, or powerful drying, giving you perfect styling freedom.
    low gear
    medium gear
    19.2m/s Ultra- Fast Wind Speed
    Adopts ACM loop flow multiplication technology, uses the wind tunnel to double the air flow,
    sprays strong air flow, and quickly dries hair.

    Fast Drying: All Hair Lengths

    • Short hair dries in

      Short hair dries in

      1-3 Min

    • Shoulder-Length hair dries in

      Shoulder-Length hair dries in

      3-5 Min

    • Long hair dries in

      Long hair dries in

      5-8 Min

    • Curly hair dries in

      Curly hair dries in

      12-15 Min


    360° Magnetic Concentrator Nozzle

    Switch between styles as this magnetic air nozzle effortlessly attaches to provide sleek
    and smooth hair transformations, making styling an absolute breeze.

    Air Outlet

    Precision-designed air outlets deliver fast, salon-quality drying for perfect, frizz-free hair every time.

    ON-OFF Switch

    Seamless control for effortless hairstyling – our hair dryer's ON-OFF switch is designed for convenience.

    Temperature Control

    Achieve your desired hairstyle effortlessly with our hair dryer's precise temperature control for ultimate styling flexibility.

    Speeds Control

    Maxodo's hair dryer offers adjustable speeds for customized drying, from gentle to turbo, empowering your styling routine.

    Temperature LED Indicator

    Smart hair care at your fingertips - Green for cool, orange for warm, red for hot, and yellow for hot and cool air. Stay in control for the perfect hair styling.

    Wind Speed Indicator

    Easily adjust with green, orange, and red settings for gentle, medium, or powerful airflow. Customize your drying experience with precision.

    Advanced Laser-Engraved Removable Filter
    Max 1G ensures peak cleanliness and performance with its precision laser-engraved removable filter.
    Effectively blocking dust and hair, it maintains optimal functionality and impeccable results.
  • Max 1G size chart
    Max 1G
    Package Contents

    1 x Hair Dryer

    1 x Smoothing Nozzle

    1 x Instruction Manual

    Size & Weight

    Product Dimension: 3.74 X 11.22 X 2.67 inch / 9.5 X 28.5 X 6.8 cm

    Power Cord Length: 70.87 inch / 1.8m

    Product Weight: 1.1lbs / 500g


    Rated Power: 1400W

    Rated Voltage/Frequency: 110~120V/50~60Hz

    Revolutions Per Minute: 150,000RPM

    Wind Speed: 19.2m/s

    Hair Care Function: 200 million negative ion hair care

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